BBC оказывается не так независима, данный мой комментарий просто не прошёл цензор.

Well, only 1 we should say at this time — war is not a method how to come to peace.
Mikhail Saakashvili told about peace method last evening and last night he started invasion with troops and heavy artillery. It’s not a method to make one country united. Too many dead and injured. Saakashvili wanted to see Russian army in Georgia? He can easily see it atm. Truth is nothing for him. Want to become NATO member? Good luck, now you have less chances to win.

And btw, why people in South Ossetia, who want peace and be independent for more than 18 years, even more than Kosovo, now called «separatists» on the whole BBC website? They just a people as everybody here. And they want to be free.

p.s. and where was Georgia all this time? Why almost 90% of population of Ossetia got russian pasports? Maybe they see Russia as clear future, not Georgia with Saakashvili’s separathism? Just think globaly, not like Russia is evil, Georgia is good or vice-versa. Think independent, you have full rights to do it.

А вообще скажу просто — Саакашвилли нереальный придурок. У которого мало шансов войти куда-либо после личной ответственности за гибель более 2000 жителей Цхинвали.

p.s. возможны некоторые ошибки, писалось на скорую руку!